Project Implementation and Commissioning

Environment, Health and Safety is the paramount consideration for heavy industry when it comes to Implementation and Commissioning your Automation project!!

  • On-site supervision of automation projects, along with Electrical & Instrumentation trades supervision 
  • Hazard Risk Assessments (HRA's) provide a full review of what will be the impact when implementing a project
  • Successful HRA's come about by working with Operations to establish what those risks are, and how to best mitigate those risks
  • Execution plan with assistance from the control system Vendors, to provide details on how they will execute their Project on site
  • A Project Commissioning plan developed for the Owner, to provide seamless integration into the Vendor's execution plan.  
  • A good commissioning plan that safely shuts down the plant to the best state for the control system Project, and then brings the upgraded plant safely back to production.  
  • Use best of class Design and Installation standards, to ensure your Automation equipment gets installed right and operates to design performance.